Antibiotics For Betta Fish Diseases

Antibiotics for fish can be very useful for Betta fish diseases. Betta fish are among some of the most popular aquarium fish that are kept as pets. While Betta fish tend to be solitary, when given enough space in the tank and the right amount of care, these unique creatures can grow to be quite large and display beautiful colors in their body and fins.
Though aquarium fish are a low-maintenance pet, there are certain types of illnesses that can particularly affect Betta fish. Below you can read more information about Betta fish, the diseases that can affect them, and how to treat these common ailments with the trusted fish medicine brand, Fish Aid Antibiotics.


Common Betta Fish Diseases

When left untreated, Betta fish diseases that can seriously affect the health of your Betta fish. These illnesses often move quickly, which means having medication like fish cephalexin on hand to treat your fish is incredibly important. Knowing when your Betta fish is under the weather, what disease they may have, and how to treat them could save their lives.

• One of the most common Betta fish diseases is Ich. Ich on fish, or white spot disease, is a parasite that can be transmitted to your fish from frozen, live food. Ich may present as white spots on fish – especially their head, body, tail, and fins. Additionally, if you notice that your Betta fish is especially lethargic or they are scratching themselves against other items in the tank, there is a good chance they have Ich. To treat your Betta fish, simply heat up the water in your tank to kill the parasite. This is only recommended for tanks larger than 5 gallons, as smaller tanks can overheat too quickly. To remove Ich from a smaller tank, fully clean the tank and replace the water.

• If you believe your fish are suffering from fin rot or tail rot, this was most likely caused by dirty water. This Betta fish disease is easily treated when caught in time. One of the best ways to prevent fin or tail rot is to keep your Betta fish tank clean and treat the water properly.

Fungal infections can also affect Betta fish when they live in water that has not been treated correctly. This can occur often when first-time fish owners do not take proper care of their pets. A fungal infection can present as white patches on a fish’s body. If the color of the aquarium water seems paler than normal, they may have contracted a fungal infection.

• Popeye is a Betta fish disease that causes a fish’s eyes to protrude from their heads. This is a bacterial infection that can also come from untreated or dirty tank water. To prevent Popeye from becoming a more serious matter, treatment should begin immediately.

Dropsy can be contracted through the live food you may be feeding your fish. A Betta fish with dropsy will have raised scales which can cause kidney failure if not treated quickly.

Betta Fish Antibiotics

Many of the Betta fish diseases listed above come from the same root causes, such as untreated water. If your Betta fish are losing color or have white spots on their bodies, they may have common fungal infections that can be treated by fish antibiotics.

Fish Aid Antibiotics is a trusted brand that aids in the health of your Betta fish. Goldman Pharmaceutical Group carries a line of Fish Aid Antibiotics that can help keep your Betta fish in great shape. For example, Amoxicillin can treat dropsy and fin rot. Cephalexin can cure your Betta fish of a wide range of infections even if they are at their most active stages. Fluconazole is most effective against fish fungus. Our full range of products include:

Amoxicillin (more commonly known as fish mox)
• Ampicillin
• Cephalexin (more commonly known as fish flex)
• Ciprofloxacin
• Clindamycin
• Fluconazole
• Ketoconazole
• Metronidazole
• Metronidazole
• Penicillin
• Sulfa

The best news is that Goldman Pharmaceutical Group has reliable products such as fish antibiotics, anti-fungal products, and deworming agents to cure a plethora of problems.

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