Fish Antibiotics From Goldman Pharmaceutical Group Are:

  • Made from pharmaceutical grade antibiotics
  • Handled in a state licensed and FDA registered facility
  • Distributed from a licensed and FDA registered facility 
  • Absolutely no fillers added
  • 100% Pure pharmaceutical grade antibiotics
  • Conveniently dosed for easy application
  • Effective in the treatment of common bacterial infections in ornamental fish

Quality Fish Antibiotics

When it comes to your pets, you want to make sure you are giving them high-quality treatments when they are feeling or looking sick. At Goldman Pharmaceuticals, we believe in providing quality care for all types of goldfish, Betta fish, aquarium fish, ornamental fish, and tropical fish. We ensure the health of your fish with pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics such as fish Amoxicillin or Fish Forte.

Each of our products are designed to treat the most common illnesses that affect fish, whether you keep them in a personal tank at home, or inside commercial-grade tanks at your place of business. When you shop with Goldman Pharmaceuticals, you make sure you are giving your fish the best medication in the industry.


About Our Fish Antibiotics

Goldman Pharmaceuticals is proud to distribute the most trusted fish medications through our website. We offer a selection of fish antibiotics, deworming medications, and anti-fungal treatments for your aquarium fish. All of our products are available in varying dosage levels according to your tank size and number of fish you carry. So, whether you have one fish or a hundred, we can cater to you.

Our brand of fish antibiotics, Fish Aid Antibiotics, is a well-known industry brand that is available in a variety of dosage sizes, so you can use our products for personal or commercial use. These are effective for treating common bacterial, parasitical, and fungal infections in aquarium and ornamental fish. Many of these antibiotics are effective against multiple common fish illnesses, which means that you can treat your pets with confidence. If you have any questions, Goldman Pharmaceuticals will be able to tell you which medications will be the most beneficial for your fish’s comfort and health.

Our antibiotics are sold from a state licensed and FDA registered facility. Goldman Pharmaceuticals also ensures that absolutely no fillers are used in the making of the medications, and each are guaranteed 100% pharmaceutical-grade. When you have no fillers in your product, your sick fish can be treated with strong, functional medication that will not lose their efficiency because of faulty ingredients. Help your fish heal faster than before and regain their strength with high-quality antibiotics inside their aquarium environment.

Common Fish Illness

Goldman Pharmaceuticals carries treatments for common fish sickness. Perhaps, for instance, your fish have been exposed to ich, velvet, fin and tail rot, and dropsy. Or if your fish are suffering from bacterial infections, parasites or worms, or fungal infections, we have antibiotics that can help. If one of your fish has shown signs of illness, do your best to quarantine that fish away from the others in a separate tank. The water in this tank should be cleaned, treated, and dosed with the correct antibiotic as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is likely that their condition will worsen or spread to other fish in the same tank.

Without professional assistance, it can be difficult to know exactly what illness your fish is suffering from. This is especially true since many aquarium fish diseases present themselves with similar symptoms. Loss of appetite, bloating, the wearing away of the fins and tail, and the presence of white spots or cotton-like growths are all a sign of trouble for your fish. More than that, many aquarium fish diseases are transmittable, which means they can be spread throughout a community quickly and easily.

Other fish diseases may come after a fish has been stressed out or if their immune system has already been compromised. A few examples include when a fish’s environment has been changed, if they are overcrowded in their tank, or if their water is not regularly cleaned and aerated. This creates an unfortunate cyclical effect – if a fish is sick once, they are likely to get sick again – and infect others with the same sickness.

If multiple fish you have in your aquarium show signs of an illness, first make sure the aquarium water is clean and treated. Depending on the size of the tank and number of fish, you may need a larger dose of antibiotics to treat an entire tank of fish. This is one of the best and easiest ways to make sure your fish remain healthy. Dirty water in an aquarium, on the other hand, often helps creatures such as parasites, worms, and other harmful bacteria to grow. If this is the case, get a filter for your aquarium and keep a proper schedule of cleaning so you can reduce the risk of fish sickness altogether. If you already have a filter, make sure it is running properly and changed on a regular basis. Goldman Pharmaceuticals also recommends keeping a selection of fish antibiotics in your home so that you will be better prepared to treat them as soon as they are showing signs of illness.

Personal and Wholesale Applications

Goldman Pharmaceuticals offers all of our fish antibiotics in convenient doses, from 250mg to 500 mg. These dosages are commonly recommended for treating a fish or a tank of fish that have been infected by fungus, bacteria, or parasites.

Unfortunately, you can’t always tell that your fish have been infected. They may have carried aquarium fish diseases from the pet store, gotten sick from another fish, or have been fed with infected food. If this is the case, it is best to have the right dosage on hand. For this reason, we have made our products available for personal use in your at-home fish tank. We also offer our fish antibiotics wholesale for businesses and shops that may want to carry our product for their customers. Our products are especially useful for pet stores that sell a variety of ornamental or tropical fish, aquariums, and other products to ensure the longevity and health of the fish in their care.

If you are interested in purchasing our antibiotics for commercial use, Goldman Pharmaceuticals offers wholesale prices that are convenient for businesses that sell fish, fish food, aquarium tanks, water filters, medications, and common water treatments. You can fill out the dealer information contact form on our website to get more information about wholesale pricing for Fish Aid Antibiotics.

Contact Goldman Pharmaceuticals

Contact Goldman Pharmaceuticals today with any questions you may have about treating your sick fish with antibiotics. Simply visit us online for more information on the products we offer. If you have concerns about your fish, their tank environment, or specific treatments, send us an email at

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