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About Us

Fish antibiotics such as Fish Mox are Goldman Pharmaceutical Group's specialty. We are a proud distributor of Fish Aid Antibiotics, a leading brand of fish antibiotics and other healing agents for the treatment of fish diseases. Goldman Pharmaceutical Group is a state licensed and FDA registered company that is committed to the health and well-being of animals through the production and distribution of our products.

New and experienced pet owners alike will experience common fish diseases at some point during the life of your fish. Medications are useful to have on hand in combating these illnesses before they spread to other aquarium fish.

The team at Goldman Pharmaceutical Group distributes the reliable brand Fish Aid Antibiotics through our online shop. Simply choose the kind of medication and dosage you need to make sure you maintain a healthy and safe tank environment for aquarium fish, tropical fish, Betta fish, goldfish, and more. With the help of Fish Aid Antibiotics, we ensure that your fish are healthy and happy in their tank environments!

About Fish Aid Antibiotics

Goldman Pharmaceutical Group products are perfect for individuals who own aquarium fish as pets. We also distribute products wholesale to businesses and pet shops that sell goldfish, Betta fish, ornamental fish, and related fish products.

The brand Fish Aid Antibiotics is made from pharmaceutical grade antibiotics. Absolutely no fillers are added to the products, and each is conveniently dosed for easy application. This means that whether you are an individual or an entire franchise, we can provide you with the medications appropriate for the number of fish you have and the size of your tanks. Goldman Pharmaceutical Group has ensured their authenticity within in a state licensed and FDA registered facility.

We make it simple to keep your fish healthier for longer. Goldman Pharmaceutical Group carries the best antibiotics that can effectively treat the most common bacterial and fungal infections for your fish.